Thursday, 27 August 2009

More Than Reading.....

There are tons of articles and websites or blogs (just like this one) out there on the internet jam packed full of information. They all give tips on how to play various instruments. There's even advice on Wikipedia!
There's just one problem...

You cant learn to play any instrument by just reading about it. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who only ever do just that. How do I know? They write about it. Just this morning I was reading a comment left below a very informative article.

The comment read - "I just purchased a violin and I am trying my best, however articles like this aren't helping"! - Oh My Word, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Heres a guy that thought he could just buy an instrument, then read a few words on the net and voila.

Well no, I am afraid that you are going to need a teacher. With there guidance and advice, plus your hard effort, only then will you see an advancement. It is here that the well written articles and websites with lots of advice will help you along the way.

So don't hesitate, learn today. What's the worst that could happen?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Should I Copy Pieces From a CD?

This is another question I get asked a lot and the simple answer is NO. If you really want to learn How To Play The Violin do not copy anyone. You have to develop your own style.

Of course listen to, mimic, take on board, be influenced by a lot of players but don't just copy one person. Sure it's OK to have one teacher and learn everything from them but they will encourage you to listen to as many players as you can.

Imagine if you only listened to one player for your whole life on the same CD. Then you played the same pieces, chances are you would play them just like this one player and you would not be original, unique or creative.

Now imagine listening to the piece of music you are studying and listening to it performed by 10 different violinists. You would here ten different interpretations, ten different styles, all of which would influence you and mould you into a better player.

So don't copy just one person when it comes to learning and playing a new piece. Get your hands and ears on as many different versions as you can!

How To Play The Violin

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Hi guys,

I guess I am writing this post as...well...almost a letter or sometimes it feels like a prescription. Although I am always glad to help out and give my opinion.

I get asked this question a lot:
'How much do I need to practice'?

Well my answer is always the same:
It depends on:
  • What you want from the violin
  • How fast you want to progress
  • What pieces you want to learn etc etc

What I mean is that it will take a different level of approach if you want to become a teacher of the violin compared to if you just want to play a few tunes to entertain you and your family on a Saturday night.

You have to sit back and decide why you are learning this incredible instrument, then the final answer is 'you practice as much as you need to'.

If you are learning to play a new piece and you are practicing for 30 minutes a day as a beginner and your making good progress that you are pleased with, then bingo, you have found the level. But if you aren't happy with how the piece sounds or not happy with the tempo at which you can play it, then up your practice or approach your practice from a new angle.

This is my exact approach to practice. I never set a daily limit on my practice otherwise I would be as boring as the four walls I stared at. When I want to practcie I do it, when something needs work I work on it. If I have a gig coming up, I prepare.

This is music guys, not the army. Look deep into your heart and you will know how much you want or need to practice.

Remember, music is first and foremost about having fun. If you aren't having fun? Change it.

Learn how to play the violin and learn some fun practice techniques with Violin Master Pro .

Friday, 21 August 2009

Manhattan String Quartet? I'm not so sure!

Now I am sure every member of the Manhattan String Quartet has a good sense of humour, but I am not sure they would go this far. What do you think Eric Lewis would say if he saw this video claiming to be him and his 3 fellow players?

Actually I am sure he would find this just as funny. After all if you listen closesly they do seem to know how to play the violin. Maybe they were taught by Eric over at Violin Master Pro! LOL!

Not so sure about the yodelling though....what do you think?

Monday, 3 August 2009

Violin Video

Click Play and Watch A Master At Work...

This is Eric Lewis in action. It's no wonder that he is principal violinist of The Manhattan String Quartet and a player of international fame.

See, hear and learn more about E.Lewis by Clicking Here.

How To Play The Violin

E-Bay Violins Beware!

Finding a good violin, especially to begin with can take some time and research. But this post is all about E-Bay. The worlds biggest auction site is not going away (and neither should it) so I think we should address it.

E-Bay for certain purchases is outstanding. There I said it! I mean where else can you go to buy a missing car part from a 1920's Rolls Royce at the drop of a hat, or even a second hand Sat-Nav for that trip to Mongolia.

For that E-Bay is perfect. However for Violins I think we need to rethink.

When buying an instrument we need to see and hear it. In fact listening to it is more important than seeing how it looks, but ideally if you can do both and get a great sounding instrument that is in good condition is ideal.

E-Bay doesn't let you do this.

Occasionally you will find someone who was fortunate enough to discover a great seller. Probably a true Violin enthusiast selling their personal instrument. If this happens you may get a great instrument off an honest intelligent seller.

The only trouble is that these scenarios are few and far between. Most of the time it could be any old 'Joe' selling his child's old violin they purchased from Walmart and they tell you it sings like an angel. When you get it home, sure it's shaped like a violin but thats about it.

If E-Bay is where you are going.....proceed with great caution.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Some Top Tips

Top Tips on How to Play Violin
By []Richard Rowley

It is an a very interesting and challenging time when you come to learn how to play violin. As you improve there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and achievement that only learning a musical instrument can bring. If you follow some of these tips it can help you achieve success that little bit quicker.

1. Make sure that you pick a good standard of instrument to begin with. Although this may still be a violin for a beginner it is important not to pick the cheapest one you find. Go for a good quality of maker otherwise it may result in poor sound quality or be difficult to play. This can be a little disheartening to say the least.

2. Practice reading your music every day. Once you become fluent at recognizing note names, pitches and length value, playing the violin will be a lot easier. If you can read any note fluently then you can focus more on playing the violin. Imagine how hard mathematics would be if you struggled to name individual numbers?

3. Make sure you are working with a teacher that you get on with but also one that is well qualified. Don't be afraid to ask or research their background a little. Many online violin lessons are taught by famous violinists from the world stage. This type of teacher is to be grasped whilst you still can.

4. OK, this is the bit some people do not like to hear. Practice. And then practice some more! Having a good routine and practice 'workout' is crucial to how quickly you can improve. From all my years teaching I could take 2 identical students, with the same ability, but if one practiced and one didn't? Well, there is an unbelievable difference and there is no substitute for regular effort in between lessons.

I think that my biggest tip of all time on how to play violin is to develop this good practice and good work ethos. Without it you are greatly limiting your progress from the start. practice can be hard, because after all we just want to be able to play like Paganini right now, yes? Well pay the price and anything is possible. Do your practice, take the rough with the smooth and you will get excellent results and that is where the enjoyment comes from.

If you are seriously considering learning how to play violin then I strongly recommend finding a great teacher. My favourite are some of the online lessons provided by the worlds best.

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Do you know who it is?

His online violin lessons course can last up to 12 months and there are some great features like play along backing tracks and video lessons. All of this for under $30 too!

Thats less than just one normal lesson.

Article Source:

How To Play The Violin

If you are looking into How To Play The Violin there are several options that you can choose. But first we will start with the basic 2 choices of traditional and/or online lessons. There are benefits to both methods and perhaps drawbacks to both too.

But before I go any further.....Practice is the only thing that really matters! Without a good practice regime you are preventing yourself from finding your true potential. Remember, the hardest thing about practicing is getting your violin out of its case!

Whichever method you go for, be sure to take time choosing a good teacher. Go on recommendations, qualifications, experiemce and yes there personality. Your teacher has to be someone that you 'gel' with as you may be spending a lot of time with them.

Persoanlly I think that online violin lessons are very good right now. Especially if you have the opportunity to learn with a mega star of the violin world.

They are incredibly cost effective and with the power of the internet you can get some very good bonuses and features like backing tracks or jam tracks to play along with. After all ensemble skills are very important to develop, especially if you want to join an orchestra some time in the future.

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