Monday, 5 April 2010

Beginner Violin Books

Many people often ask me if they will need beginner violin books. I guess people want to know if that's the best method of learning or maybe they think that online courses are not substantial enough.

It was about time we learned the truth on this matter.

There are many, many excellent violin tutor books available in music stores around the world. Most of them are written by incredibly accomplished violinists and they offer a wealth of information for you to visit as regularly as you like.

They will never become redundant and people will always write and publish these great pieces.
However I must say that courses like the one we recommend include far more content than what a book does. There is literally months and months worth of content online, not to mention hours and hours of outstanding video material.

You simply can't put all of this in a book, if you did it would be too heavy to pick up! LOL! What the online courses offer is far more than just the beginner book. They offer you the whole course that will allow you to master this instrument.

Beginner violin books are fantastic but for the same price would you rather have a complete online teacher, method and resource?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Video Violin Lessons

Hi there readers,

I actually looked through my blog and noticed that there werent that many video. Of course there are a few of the master himself Eric Lewis but I wanted to put up a lot more of general violin, violin lessons and people performing specific pieces of music.

So here is the first post of a few videos.

I dont know about you but I just love to see so many great players out there and I love to see them giving away such wonderful free advice, techniques and knowledge.

Online Violin Lessons