Sunday, 29 November 2009

Learning the violin in the holidays!

The holidays is a great time for you to learn an instrument. Yes you may be busy but one thing that I always find that this time of year is how inspired people are!

No matter who you are I think it's difficult to resist the magical feeling that surrounds the holiday period and if you can use this to inspire you to learn and practice then you will see the benefits really quickly.

Can you imagine waking up on Christmas Day for example and performing a few Christmas tunes for your family?

Okay you're not going to be a complete Maestro in a couple of weeks, but with some inspired and focused practice you should be able to master a couple of really ineffective carols or jingles.

Actually come to think about it I think “Jingle Bells” only has around five notes in the whole tune. So master those five notes and you're away!

Good luck.