Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas music and guitar chords.

Well being as it is holiday season there are many people searching for Christmas music and guitar chords. Although this blog is for violinists I thought I might as well help out a few fellow musicians during the season of goodwill, right?

So I had a look around for some good chords and good guitar website and there are literally thousands. In fact there are so many you can get bogged down and lose sight of wood for the trees!

Although I am primarily a violinist I do also play the guitar, so I wanted to find a site that would allow me to master as many different Christmas hymns, carols and songs with as few chords as possible. This way I recommend it to people who are beginners they will be able to get as much joy from it as the more advanced players.

So this is the site I recommend:

Christmas music and guitar chords.

It's really well laid out and the guitarist Lisa McCormick explains things really well. She only uses three chords G, C and D and shows you how to play loads of different Christmas tunes with these.

If you are a guitarist looking for some great Christmas music this is a great website to get all the information and music you need.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Very Funny Violin Video

Ok well at least I think this is funny.....

This video is actually on page one of google for several searches - amazing.

At first I wasnt sure whether this guy was actually serious or not 'cos he keeps a straight face all the way through - even when he is singing!

He's a mad Brit, but then again so am I!!!