Thursday, 30 July 2009

How To Play The Violin

There are a few steps to master if you want to know how to play the violin, but they are steps that, with the right guidance, can be done clearly, effectively and completed with a lot of enjoyment at the same time.

The violin is a beautiful and versatile instrument that is capable of playing any musical style or genre.

And although a little tricky at first, with practice you will be able to entertain yourself, family and friends for hours on end. Enjoy!

Take time to learn:

  • How to hold a violin
  • How to hold and bow correctly
  • How to play open strings with a good tone
  • How to read music fluently
  • Master left hand fingering and note pitching
  • Begin to understand the basics of music theory
  • Develop a good practice routine
  • Be persistant!

Thise are just a few steps to learning how to play the violin. Although your teacher and learning method are going to be the biggest part of them all. Ensure your teacher is someone with a good background, lots of experience and make sure that you get along with them well.

Here at Violin Master Pro-X we believe that learing online is one of the quickest, most cost effective and fun ways to learn the violin. Visit the site below to earn more about this wonderful method of learning.

How To Play Violin

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Why Violin Master Pro?

Quite simply Violin Master Pro has everything you would want or need from private lessons and then some! Eric Lewis of The Manhattan String Quartet has really over delivered, especially when you conside he charges under $30 for 12 months worth of material.

Sure you will still need to practice but having a legend like E. Lewis as your teacher is going to help you become pretty proficient in a short space of time.

I love some of the extra features that you get with this system like the library of backing tracks. It's seriously great fun learning to play along with some music and gives you a real sense of achievement.

Below is some stuff I scraped off the main website of Violin Master Pro's amazing content:

Learn how to play Violin from beginning to professional right on your computer from the comfort of your own home. You are going to be playing violin by the end of the day as the ViolinMasterPro system comes with 11 Video lessons, Exclusive Jam tracks, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages. In addition to the exclusive system, you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and our library jam tracks to play along with. Everything you need to learn from start to finish is here. You will be given the tools to develop an incredible skill with a violin.

Its all downloadable through our members section. It's easy, quick and applicable for every player. I am so confident that you will love my program that the Power Video System comes with a 56-day, iron-clad guarantee. No questions asked!

Learn more by Clicking Here

When you order, the secure page you go to will look like this......

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Do You Want To...

Now let me ask you, do you want to;

Woo your family and friends with a soothing, romantic solo?
Rock out with your electric fiddle?
Play condenzas, sonatas and solos?
Play violin in a symphony, string quartet or piano trio?
Play violin at your friends wedding?
Start your own violin teaching business or get jobs as a violinist?
Play the music of the great masters.
Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics and start playing pieces of music and your favorite songs?
Are you an experienced player who wants to expand their repetoire?
You might even want to develop new talents that will allow you to hear a piece of music and play it by musical memory without music, notes or hearing the music more than once!

Learn To Play The Violin

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Who is Eric Lewis?

Eric Lewis is the cretaor of perhaps the most comprehensive, extensive and fun online Violin lessons that are available all over the world. However this is perhaps where he is least well known.

Lewis has been one of the world's greatest violinists for some 40 years where his teaching career has spanned just as long.

He has travelled the world as a performer and has taught in some of thie highest rated Universities and Higher Institutes of the USA. It is during his teaching years that he developed an incredible way of teachig the violin to pupils of all standards.

Now known as Violin Master Pro.

Lewis can be found still touring the world today as a member of the critically acclaimed Manhattan String Quartet of which he is principle Violinist.

Learn more about Eric Lewis and learn to play the violin even if it's 2am in the morning!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Learn To Play The Violin

If you're looking to learn how to play the violin then researching the online approach should be one that you take serious time over.

There are a lot of incredible benefits to this option. Just a few would be.....

  • Price - incredibly low
  • Opportunity - learn from a world renowoned master
  • Variation - videos, books, jam tracks and 24 hour support

However I feel that the most important part of your journey if you want to learn how to play the violin has got to be, as always. You're practice routine!

If you don't practice you will not progress, even if you are learning from Paganini himself. But, develop a strong work ethic and your progress should remain consistant and rapid.

  • Aim to practice on a daily basis.
  • Little and often is always better than rare, marathon runs!
  • Set immovable times that are allocated to practice.
  • Divide your practice time up into sections like: warm up, scales, pieces, exercises and finish with improvisation for example. This helps you keep focused and interested.
  • Set some goals. This could be to learn music x by date x.

Many people find learning an instrumnt to often be a lonely task. So as you learn to play the violin perhaps get together with other violinists or musicians to play, talk, swap techniques and music. Interaction with other players can help you progress very well.

To some people who are just beginning this can seem like a very intimidating idea. However I have always found musicians to be very patient and they love helping out the 'newbie'. I think this is because all players were beginners once and they know exactly how it feels.

If you're not ready for that step just yet, then again this is where the online approach is great.

The program Violin Master Pro allows you to play along with what are called 'Jam Tracks'. They are musical pieces that play through your computer and allow you to play or jam along in the privacy of your own home. Problem solved.

If you are serious and want to learn to play the violin, develop a good practice routine and take a look at the online option.

Take me to Learn How To Play The Violin

Friday, 10 July 2009

Benefits To Online Violin Lessons

The Benefits of Violin Lessons Online

The Benefits of Violin Lessons Online
By Richard Rowley

Violin lessons online are becoming more and more popular and this is largely due to its long list of benefits compared to one on one lessons. Lessons of all kinds are on the internet today but this industry is still new, hot and growing.

So what are the benefits to internet violin lessons?

  1. Firstly the cost is incredible. Many sites offer up to or over 12 months of lessons for the price of one. usually around $30.

  2. Many of the violin lessons are taught by someone famous. This is a unique opportunity and one which would cost you an arm and a leg if you were to do it in person. Imagine having lessons with Nigel Kennedy and how much that would cost? HaHa!

  3. Many of the courses include videos. This means you can watch the same video over and over again until you understand it. This allows you to move at your own pace so if you have been busy with work for example and haven't managed much practice, there's no need to worry and you can pick up where you left off.

  4. This is one of my favourites. There is no-one looking over your shoulder as you learn. Whilst having someone there can be great, it can be a little intimidating and for some adult learners even a little embarrassing at first. Well when the teacher is an online video there are no red cheek moments.

  5. Backing tracks or jam tracks are often available. So you can play along to a cool piece of music as part of a band, ensemble or sometimes a full orchestra.

  6. many of the best programs on the net have been written for all ages and abilities. So if you are ten years old or 60 years old and just starting you can tailor your course as much as someone who is 25 and a grade 8. As I mentioned earlier many of the teachers are world renowned artists so they have much experience and knowledge for all violinists.

The list of benefits from me could go on and on. I think learning anything online is effective fun and unique. Its these little things that keep you interested and motivated to learn more.

If you are considering taking this route make sure you go for a program that has most of the benefits listed above. This way you know you are getting good value for money and that they are going to be informational and fun.

Violin lessons online are a great way to learn an instrument, but my last tip is to go for a program that offers a money back guarantee. After all even if the teacher is world class, you may not gel with them and wish to use your investment on another program or teacher.

This site is one of the most popular Violin lessons Online websites around. The teacher is one of the worlds greatest from The Manhattan String Quartet. I'll let you find out who that is!

He has a 100% money back guarantee because he is so confident of his teaching methods and he has 12 months worth of lessons with all of the features you should get with a violin program.

A rare opportunity to learn from a world renowned player. Click Here.

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