Monday, 3 August 2009

E-Bay Violins Beware!

Finding a good violin, especially to begin with can take some time and research. But this post is all about E-Bay. The worlds biggest auction site is not going away (and neither should it) so I think we should address it.

E-Bay for certain purchases is outstanding. There I said it! I mean where else can you go to buy a missing car part from a 1920's Rolls Royce at the drop of a hat, or even a second hand Sat-Nav for that trip to Mongolia.

For that E-Bay is perfect. However for Violins I think we need to rethink.

When buying an instrument we need to see and hear it. In fact listening to it is more important than seeing how it looks, but ideally if you can do both and get a great sounding instrument that is in good condition is ideal.

E-Bay doesn't let you do this.

Occasionally you will find someone who was fortunate enough to discover a great seller. Probably a true Violin enthusiast selling their personal instrument. If this happens you may get a great instrument off an honest intelligent seller.

The only trouble is that these scenarios are few and far between. Most of the time it could be any old 'Joe' selling his child's old violin they purchased from Walmart and they tell you it sings like an angel. When you get it home, sure it's shaped like a violin but thats about it.

If E-Bay is where you are going.....proceed with great caution.

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