Sunday, 23 August 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Hi guys,

I guess I am writing this post as...well...almost a letter or sometimes it feels like a prescription. Although I am always glad to help out and give my opinion.

I get asked this question a lot:
'How much do I need to practice'?

Well my answer is always the same:
It depends on:
  • What you want from the violin
  • How fast you want to progress
  • What pieces you want to learn etc etc

What I mean is that it will take a different level of approach if you want to become a teacher of the violin compared to if you just want to play a few tunes to entertain you and your family on a Saturday night.

You have to sit back and decide why you are learning this incredible instrument, then the final answer is 'you practice as much as you need to'.

If you are learning to play a new piece and you are practicing for 30 minutes a day as a beginner and your making good progress that you are pleased with, then bingo, you have found the level. But if you aren't happy with how the piece sounds or not happy with the tempo at which you can play it, then up your practice or approach your practice from a new angle.

This is my exact approach to practice. I never set a daily limit on my practice otherwise I would be as boring as the four walls I stared at. When I want to practcie I do it, when something needs work I work on it. If I have a gig coming up, I prepare.

This is music guys, not the army. Look deep into your heart and you will know how much you want or need to practice.

Remember, music is first and foremost about having fun. If you aren't having fun? Change it.

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