Monday, 24 August 2009

Should I Copy Pieces From a CD?

This is another question I get asked a lot and the simple answer is NO. If you really want to learn How To Play The Violin do not copy anyone. You have to develop your own style.

Of course listen to, mimic, take on board, be influenced by a lot of players but don't just copy one person. Sure it's OK to have one teacher and learn everything from them but they will encourage you to listen to as many players as you can.

Imagine if you only listened to one player for your whole life on the same CD. Then you played the same pieces, chances are you would play them just like this one player and you would not be original, unique or creative.

Now imagine listening to the piece of music you are studying and listening to it performed by 10 different violinists. You would here ten different interpretations, ten different styles, all of which would influence you and mould you into a better player.

So don't copy just one person when it comes to learning and playing a new piece. Get your hands and ears on as many different versions as you can!

How To Play The Violin

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