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Some Top Tips

Top Tips on How to Play Violin
By []Richard Rowley

It is an a very interesting and challenging time when you come to learn how to play violin. As you improve there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and achievement that only learning a musical instrument can bring. If you follow some of these tips it can help you achieve success that little bit quicker.

1. Make sure that you pick a good standard of instrument to begin with. Although this may still be a violin for a beginner it is important not to pick the cheapest one you find. Go for a good quality of maker otherwise it may result in poor sound quality or be difficult to play. This can be a little disheartening to say the least.

2. Practice reading your music every day. Once you become fluent at recognizing note names, pitches and length value, playing the violin will be a lot easier. If you can read any note fluently then you can focus more on playing the violin. Imagine how hard mathematics would be if you struggled to name individual numbers?

3. Make sure you are working with a teacher that you get on with but also one that is well qualified. Don't be afraid to ask or research their background a little. Many online violin lessons are taught by famous violinists from the world stage. This type of teacher is to be grasped whilst you still can.

4. OK, this is the bit some people do not like to hear. Practice. And then practice some more! Having a good routine and practice 'workout' is crucial to how quickly you can improve. From all my years teaching I could take 2 identical students, with the same ability, but if one practiced and one didn't? Well, there is an unbelievable difference and there is no substitute for regular effort in between lessons.

I think that my biggest tip of all time on how to play violin is to develop this good practice and good work ethos. Without it you are greatly limiting your progress from the start. practice can be hard, because after all we just want to be able to play like Paganini right now, yes? Well pay the price and anything is possible. Do your practice, take the rough with the smooth and you will get excellent results and that is where the enjoyment comes from.

If you are seriously considering learning how to play violin then I strongly recommend finding a great teacher. My favourite are some of the online lessons provided by the worlds best.

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